Error Reporting — Does anybody review those Watson reports?

I'm part of the group that reviews Watson reports for Team Foundation. On a weekly basis, we meet and review all Watson reports received since the last review period. Each report is first checked to see if it is for a known problem. Many reports are for issues that we have either discovered from internal users or from a previous Watson report. If the issue has not been seen before, then we will gather information and assign a bug to the responsible developers. We also track Watson bugs and make sure that the bug is treated appropriately by the developers.

Watson crashes represent a concrete occurrence of an issue -- sometimes, we find that the issue in a Watson report is not something that we can act on (e.g., a time-out condition) but we can handle better by informing the user or using an alternate algorithm.

We treat problems reported through Watson seriously and I want to assure you that Team Foundation Watson reports that you permit to be sent to Microsoft will be treated appropriately and timely.

Let me know if you have any concerns about sending Watson reports for Team Foundation.

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