the windows style guide

I am a UI programmer.  I work on the BrowserUI team.  Of course, very little of my time is spent actually making UI–the buttons and toolbars and such.  Adding a button takes a few minutes out of my week.  Writing the code to implement whatever the button does takes most of my time.  When I…



I am currently taking an AI class in the evenings.  I am posting this link for my own reference.  This is a chess program that draws its thinking for you.  It is really pretty. Chess program.


oppressive fork clarinet

Raymond’s eagerly awaited spam-graph post went live today.  Since he works downstairs I got a sneak peak at it earlier this week.  Since then I have been thinking about spam a bit.  Spam used to really annoy me.  I have an old university account that does nothing but accumulate spam now, but I login and…


how to cleanly start and stop explorer.exe

If you are running Windows XP and want a cmd prompt with no strange environment variables set, do the following: CTRL+SHIFT+ESC->File->CTRL+New Task (Run…)This will open a cmd window with only the basics.  This is useful if you have killed Explorer and need to restart it.  Explorer will keep the environment of the cmd window that…


the black ink blot

Saw this today on metafilter.  A CS grad student in Dublin has found a way to figure out what is under those black ink blots in classified documents.  I was just wondering last night if there was some way to do this.  We had been discussing censoring soldier’s letters at lunch yesterday.  I wonder how this will effect…


the wrongness of “how do i disable right-click on my web site?”

This question comes up frequently and generally the asker really means, “How can I prevent people from stealing the [content | script] from my Web site?”  And there are a few things you can do to make it more difficult.  You can add onContextMenu handlers (to prevent the default context menu from displaying).  You can obfuscate…


gee, that is a nice mouse

I inadvertently won a new Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer with Tilt Wheel Technology, the Look and Feel of Leather, and Three Times Longer Battery Life.  So I plugged it in.  It is actually a really nice mouse.  They finally made it so the scroll wheel does not click.  I am all about the firm, smooth-rolling scrolling. …


channel 9

If you have not had a chance to check out channel 9, click on over. 


direct to my wrist

I got one of these.  It was given to me by a coworker.  I have been wearing it.  It entertains me in meetings and such, but it does not update as often as I would like.  It seems I do not get reception for it inside the building where I work.  <snif/> 


television security and msn security

A news channel in North Carolina made a classic security mistake.  This is similar to a mistake that MSN made a while back.  There was a web page that verified your username/password before allowing you to make account changes, but the subsequent pages did not check the authentication– the account name to use was simply…