how do i uninstall ie7 beta preview?

(I get a lot of e-mails asking this question.)

Click Start -> Control Panel -> Add or Remove Programs -> Check the Show update box at the top of the dialog -> Scroll down and click Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 Preview -> Click Remove.

The answers to this question and more can also be found here.

And, while we're on the topic of the preview, please remember this is a technical preview.  It should not be installed on mission critical machines in production environments.  Please download it, play with it, and tell us what you think, but please use a test machine and always back-up your important data.

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  1. PatriotB says:

    I’ve read in comments on the ieblog that the new preview doesn’t put itself under "Windows XP – Software Updates" but is a separate, top-level entry.  (I haven’t tried the new preview yet but this is what I’ve read.)

    I don’t like this change.  Yes, it makes it slightly easier for people to find it, but it is a Windows update and it should be categorized as such.  Windows Media Player 10 is listed as an update and so IE7 should be as well.

  2. jeffdav says:

    That is true–the newest builds are top level items.  My personal feeling is it probably made more sense as an update since you cannot run it side-by-side with IE6; however I do not know much about the Setup app or the decisions that team makes, but I do know they thought it through had good reasons for the change.  

  3. I’ve found this quite puzzling. Some time back when I had IE7 Beta Preview in my machine, I was forced…

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