i can’t trust the interwebatron

One problem I have noticed with using the Web to find certain quotes is that there are often several incorrect versions floating around.  For example, what did Homer really say?  I have also noticed this problem with the "memorable quotes" section of imdb entries, as well as the multitude of song lyric sites out there.  They are close but not exact.  The Web does not provide a way to correct all of the sites at once, nor is there any way to judge trustworthyness.  One could perhaps argue for Page Rank as an indicator, but popular is not the same as correct.  Seems like an interesting problem.

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  1. PatriotB says:

    This is completely off subject, but I’ve taken a look at your blog from time to time and you’ve said you’re on the BrowserUI team. So I figure you’re someone who’d be able to speak to this.

    I’ve always been someone who’s interested in IE at a low level, e.g. how it integrates with the shell. I’ve noticed that the IE7 beta for XP seems to have some interesting changes under the hood.

    For example, the new file ieframe.dll. It appears to be a conglomerate of shdocvw, shlwapi, and browseui. It is released as v7.0 while the other three files are 6.0.2901. My idea for the reasoning behind this is as follows: IE7 won’t have any affect on normal shell windows, thus there couldn’t be major changes to the three DLLs, and the stuff was put into a new DLL. The three DLLs are 6.0.2901, not 7.0, because in Windows Vista, these DLLs are 7.0 and actually contain ieframe.dll’s changes.

    Is this at all correct? Is this stuff that you can speak about? If so that would be great!

  2. jeffdav says:


    Your analysis is, for the most part, correct. ieframe.dll is critical for making IE 7 work on Windows XP.

  3. At home, I have three computers. 

    The first is my workstation which is used primarily for web…

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