lazowska says the sky is falling

Ed Lazowska, in his capacity as cochair of the Presidents Information Technology Advisory Committee says “there is a looming security crisis, and the government, vendors and CIOs aren’t doing enough to stop it,” in this interview with cio. (Full disclosure: I am taking his class this quarter.)

i can’t trust the interwebatron

One problem I have noticed with using the Web to find certain quotes is that there are often several incorrect versions floating around.  For example, what did Homer really say?  I have also noticed this problem with the “memorable quotes” section of imdb entries, as well as the multitude of song lyric sites out there. …


scoble and chris jones

Scoble has posted an interview with Chris Jones.  Chris is my lead’s boss’s boss’s boss’s boss.  Chris is a great guy for whom I have nothing but respect.  I first met Chris when I was a dev intern on IE and he took us all to lunch at one of my favorite steak houses; it was strange, going…


scoble and ballmer

Scoble posted the video of his chat with our CEO.  It is a short 10 minute affair.


interesting things observed from the lunch table

As chance would have it, the last two years or so I have been eating lunch with the Shell team developers.  Today as we sat at the end of the Shell Team Lunch Table, we had unexpected entertainment.  Like most corporations, Microsoft employees have to swipe their badge to gain entrance to a building.  Our…


internet explorer’s autocomplete

Frequently people are confused by the various dropdown quick-complete boxes in IE.  Most people lump them all under the term “AutoComplete.”  There are actually several features in play, and today I will describe them all. Typed UrlsTyped Urls appear when you click the down arrow at the right (or left, depending on locale) end of…


Debugging and the C++ Renaming Problem

(Today we have another installment of Jeff’s Real Microsoft Debugging Stories.) Recently a minor piece of an IE feature I own stopped working in our latest internal builds, so I debugged it.  Issues where something that has worked for a long time and suddenly stopped working are always a special kind of fun, especially when I have…


audiovox 5600

A long time ago I got one of those fancy full-color, polyphonic, joystick controlled cell phones made by a company that shall remain nameless.  I hated it.  It was slow; it took too long to dial.  The interface was clunky; entering contact data was difficult.  I realized I did not care about games, cameras, etc; I just…


i continue

I have returned from my Holiday holiday.  I am back, hard at work on Internet Explorer the Next.  I will, hopefully, have more interesting things to post soon.  In the meantime, for those of you who may care, I present a brief summary of my Midwestern Wanderings: I flew home, spent time with my father…