computing too long

I think it is safe to say I have been around computers too long when I recognize the sound the harddrive makes during Windows setup as the "bad-sector" noise.

In other news, I think I need a new laptop.

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  1. There’s a noise for bad sectors? I usually use pattern matching to tell when a HD works (first bought it) to some noise it makes down the road. My laptop has followed this pattern but the screetching it makes doesn’t sound like any noises I’ve heard before.

    Maybe there should be an online database of bad computer noises, so that when you hear it you can figure out where the problem is. Would save you from stripping everything and working a component at a time.

  2. jeffdav says:

    Wow, that’s a great idea.

    No need to limit the db to computer noises though. I think many people would find it handy for cars too.

  3. xymon says:

    Yeah, my sony makes that one wierd sort of crunch beep randomly.

  4. jeffdav says:

    Isn’t that the same one that beeps constantly to let you know its getting too hot?

  5. Russ C. says:

    I always thought you’d been around Computers ‘too long’ when you learned how to whistle a 2600Baud connection 😀

    … That actually works …

  6. xymon says:

    nah, the crunchy beep comes from the sony, not the gbox. that thing is frickin annoying…it was overheating during an os-install under vmware. I need to put that box in the mini-fridge I got at work last week.

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