I am currently taking an AI class in the evenings.  I am posting this link for my own reference.  This is a chess program that draws its thinking for you.  It is really pretty. Chess program.


more on why ie will only let you save as bmp

…and why View->Source sometimes stops working. I had previously discussed this here.  In that post I mentioned the reason for this was IE’s cache was filling up.  This brings up the question, “Why does the cache scavanger not kick in and do its job at that point?”  To answer, I must first explain a bit…


installation woes

After successfully getting Windows XP SP2 installed on my laptop, I started installing other software.  This post has nothing to do with IE, but I need to vent. Nameless 3rd Party App: Where do you want to install me?  How about c:\nameless?Jeffdav: How about c:\program files\nameless?Nameless 3rd Party App: It is a bad idea to…


computing too long

I think it is safe to say I have been around computers too long when I recognize the sound the harddrive makes during Windows setup as the “bad-sector” noise. In other news, I think I need a new laptop.