oppressive fork clarinet

Raymond's eagerly awaited spam-graph post went live today.  Since he works downstairs I got a sneak peak at it earlier this week.  Since then I have been thinking about spam a bit.  Spam used to really annoy me.  I have an old university account that does nothing but accumulate spam now, but I login and delete the 40 or so new spams everyday.  They fall into several catagories:

Unreadable - I use mutt to read my university mail and it does not support any strange character sets.  This is the catagory the majority of e-mails fall into.

Creatively Formatted - These are the ones that do stupid tricks to get through filters but in doing so give themselves away as spam.  For example; V/i/a/g/r/* !?!!, [M | 0 | r | t | g | a | g | 3 |] a.p.p.r.0.v.ed!!, etc.

Creatively Subjected - These are the insidious ones that put things in the title like "Our meeting on tuesday..." and come from cs-admin@<myuniversity>.com.  I can usually spot them.

Randomly Subjected - These are my absolute favorites.  These are the mails that have a few random words in the title.  These things make great rock band names.  This is the reason for this post.  Everything up until here was merely context.  I got one today that was perfect: "oppressive fork clarinet.

Anyone want to play drums in OFC ??

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  1. mos says:

    If you haven’t yet been to http://www.spamusement.com, I suggest you go check it out. Very funny stuff.

  2. Roger Heim says:

    Wasn’t "oppresisive fork clarinet" a grunge polka band from the 70’s? 😉

  3. jeffdav says:

    If it was, Google does not know about it!

  4. micd says:

    no no, after Suppresses Spoon Banjo had a naming rights conflict, they had to switch to Oppressive Fork Clarinet. I guess Spoon Banjo was taken already!!

  5. Will says:

    Heh, you’re still looking for a drummer, dude?

    You can come to Vancouver, and I’ll play drums (badly) for you.



  6. Afro Blanca says:

    Dude, i’ve heard that Oppressive Fork Clarinet TOTALLY needs an NYC-based dumbec player.

  7. Re: our business meeting ... says:

    the Register’s spam poetry article contains a few gems from the randomly subjected category .. if you feel like having a "Translucent gibbon rucksack bonanza"


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