mouseDown + mouseUp = click

Q: Why does IE6 + XP SP2 block new windows launched from my onMouseDown handler?
A: We wanted Pop-up Blocker to allow new windows launched as a result of a user initiated action.  We defined 'user initiated action' as a click (or keypress).  A click is a mouseDown followed by a mouseUp.  So you can launch user initiated windows from an onMouseUp or onClick handler, but not a MouseDown handler.

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  1. Maurits says:

    What about other forms of user activation – for example, tabbing to a link and then hitting the Enter key or the spacebar? This would mostly be an issue for users who can’t use a mouse. For example, they might have a disease that causes their hands to shake, or it might simply be out of batteries.

  2. Maurits says:

    Never mind – missed the (or keypress) in your original post (silly me)

  3. Hello

    i would like to know if dones via setTimeout are blocked as well as the others ?

    there is absolutly no way to passthru the pop up blocker or there is some failures because of compatibilty needs ?

    (i don’t want to open pop ups, i want to be informed when someone will ask me that…)

    (i’m french and the SP2 is not yet released on windows update for us… i’m using still a 56K (no adsl where i’m living 🙁 so i don’t want to download the BIG package from the download center)

    thanks !

  4. There have been some questions about how the pop-up blocker included with IE6.0 in XP SP2 works. Jeff Davis has a post that talks about what constitutes a "user initiated action" and what you will want to look for to…

  5. Spencer says:

    I have an OT question: what was exactly meant when it was said that IE couldn’t be improved upon until Longhorn is released – I’m sure you get this a lot, but I think a clear answer would be of merit: it is quite obvious that CSS support and the UI aren’t as good as those of the other major browsers…

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