gee, that is a nice mouse

I inadvertently won a new Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer with Tilt Wheel Technology, the Look and Feel of Leather, and Three Times Longer Battery Life.  So I plugged it in.  It is actually a really nice mouse.  They finally made it so the scroll wheel does not click.  I am all about the firm, smooth-rolling scrolling.  The sideways scrolling is kind of useless, and I was miffed that I had to install IntelliPoint 5 to get it to work, but I am hoping I will be able to assign some other functionality to the sideways scroll in Halo.  I have only had it for two days, so the jury is still out on the battery life.  I was also annoyed that the default action for pusing the wheel button was Next App instead of AutoScroll, but that was easy to change in the cpl.  The cpl is very pretty.

Overall this is the best mouse I have ever used.  I would recommend it.

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  1. Darron says:

    I’ve had mine a few weeks, I love it. Batteries holding up just fine.

  2. Dino Viehland [MSFT] says:

    I completely agree, it’s all about the smooth scroll wheel.

  3. Mike Dunn says:

    My Favorite Mouse Ever is (naturally) no longer made… the original IntelliMouse Explorer. I love it because it’s BIG (I’m tall and have big hands). The v3.0 mouse is smaller and the thumb buttons are tiny, much harder to press.

    On the same note, my Favorite Keyboard Ever is also no longer made, the MS Natural Keyboard Pro. sigh.

  4. Big A says:

    I say we should have a timeshare on the mouse. You can have it this week, I can have it next week…

  5. Mike Wellems says:

    I currently use an original Explorer. It goes crazy every now and then and MS replaced it under warranty, but the replacement (3.0)’s buttons were so loose that clicking one caused the mouse to move. It made Photoshop work pretty much impossible. It really is the best mouse though.

    IntelliPoint 5 killed mouse wheel scrolling in Visual Basic and caused other problems and I had to go back to v4. But I still wasn’t safe – I have the mouse wheel set to double-click when clicked, and XP SP2 refuses to acknowledge this behavior. Sigh.

  6. jeffdav says:

    By the by, this mouse is not optimal for Halo. Not responsive enough. I went back to my old wired explorer mouse for Halo.

  7. I still use an old intellimouse explorer – I’m still ticked off that Microsoft has basically stopped making ambidexterous mice (I’m left handed)

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