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The Internet Explorer and Windows Core Shell teams are hiring developers.  Interviews will be held in New York in the April 26th - April 28th time period.  Here is the fine print:

Available positions are located in Redmond, WA, and opportunities include Software Development Engineers and Software Design Engineers in Test.  

Ideal candidates will currently reside in the Northeastern US and must possess a solid Windows development background, 1+ years experience with COM and Win32, exceptional C++ programming skills, knowledge of testing fundamentals, and the ability to quickly come up to speed on new technologies.  A BS/MS in computer science or related field is required, and all applicants must be at least one year out of a university program to be considered. 

Interested applicants can send resumes or inquiries to impact@microsoft.com.  Please include “East Coast Windows Event” in your subject line.

For more info, see this post from Gretchen.

Now I just need to convince them to send me along to NY to help out.  : )

Comments (2)

  1. xymon says:

    "positions are located in Redmond, WA"…"candidates will currently reside in the NorthEASTERN US"…which is it?

    or is it, "anyone who doesn’t already live here only?" =p

  2. jeffdav says:

    Well, they are interviewing in NYC, so idealy, for their purposes of interviewing you, you live somewhere near NYC. But if you do get hired, then you would need to move (or commute) to Redmond.

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