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I got the new Amadan CD in the mail on Monday.  Their first CD was about halfway between Grafton Street and Dropkick Murphys.  Their new CD definatly leans toward the Dropkick Murphys end of the spectrum, even with the singer from Grafton Street making an appearance.  Overall I would say it is a great CD that is worth buying, but I am not sure if I like it better then their first disc. 

I also pre-ordered the new TMBG disc coming out soon.

In other news my friend Moswald was in town visiting the other UMR CS folks out here all weekend.  The weather was nice; we visited Kerry Park and The Troll and wandered around downtown and capitol hill.  We also played lots of video games.  Mostly Halo and Tetris Worlds

“I call him Tankey.” -- Mos

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  1. KC Lemson says:

    The last TMBG album I bought was Factory Showroom, and I never really got into it (nor did I really enjoy John Henry). My favorite is probably Pink (self titled), or possibly flood, tough call.

    Which of their newer albums would you recommend to someone who loved them ages ago, but just lost touch?

  2. mos says:

    "Tankey" is spelled with an ‘e’!

  3. jeffdav says:

    I have updated the post to reflect the correct speeling.

  4. jeffdav says:

    KC- FS was sort of unmemorable. Mink Car was pretty good… I certainly listened to it more. No! was just stupid, but I guess I was out of the target demographic. The thing with them is there is always (at least) one amazing song on a given disc. Factory Showroom had ‘NYC’ and ‘Spiraling Shape’ on it. Mink Car has ‘Another First Kiss’ and ‘Yeh Yeh’. But MC works well as a whole album– I can listen to it through and the only songs I skip are ‘I’ve got a Fang’ and, oddly enough, ‘Mink Car’. See I have to get the discs for the one or two great songs to put on mix discs. And, well, I am sort of a completist when it comes to bands I like.

  5. GMAH! says:

    You don’t like "I’ve Got a Fang?"


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