i would like to thank the acadamy…

...for providing me with something more boring then The Super Bowl.  Bill Murray got robbed. I predicted 15 out of 24 correctly.  I came in second at our little get together. 

I drank a lot of Chianti.

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  1. Eric Wilson says:

    I agree. No offense to the horde of Hobbit lovers, but Peter Jackson and his crew won their Ocars this year because the FOTR should have won two years ago, and TTT should have won last year (Chicago won that year? Are you serious?) That just proves why the acadamy is as useless as the Coachs poll is in College Football. Buzz wins oscars. Buzz and big money campains to get votes.

    And before anyone slams me on this post, I need to point out that I loved all three films. I just think that of the three, Return of the King was actually the one I loved the least.

  2. Being a Matrix follower, I’m disappointed that Matrix walked away empty-handed 🙁

  3. Mike Dunn says:

    I’m sorry, all I can remember is how stunning Nicole Kidman looked… 😉

  4. It’s nice to finally hear from someone who thought the Super Bowl was boring. I keep hearing references to it being one of the best of all time. What? Even the whole boob fiasco doesn’t put it anywhere near the top in my book.

    I concur that the Oscars were a big let-down as well. I disagree that Bill Murray was robbed. He certainly would have been deserving if he won, but Sean Penn was no less deserving (if not for the sheer number of equally enthralling roles that have gone unrewarded). It would have been nice to see someone different (e.g. Sofia Coppola) win in at least one of the categories LOTR was nominated in, but I’m no hobbit fan.

    I prefer ewoks and wookies.

  5. Peter Torr says:

    :s/Nicole Kidman/Sandra Bullock

  6. jeffdav says:

    Come on guys. It is not about that; it is about money. And sappy-ness.

  7. mikalo says:

    honestly, Bill murry WAS robbed of his award. This could possibly be Bill last chance to make a masterpiece in which LIT was. Sean Pen is a good actor(best in I am sam) but can not compare to the true emotion Bill portayed in this film.

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