the methodology of making tea

The topic came up at our weekly monday morning status meeting.  AJS noted my tea was 'frothier' then his.  I told him it was because I put the milk in first, then added the hot water.  As an uncultured American from the midwest, I did not realize there was such controversy around this topic.  The ex-UK residents in the room immediately dismissed my claims.  I pointed out that Douglas Adams suggested this was the correct course of action, but they were unconvinced.  Today I found an article which seems to back up my story.  Miss Manners disagrees, apparently, but I never liked her anyway. 

Of course I gather the fact that I am drinking Earl Grey made from packets out of a little box in expanded rigid polystyrene plastic instead of some sort of expensive china is probably abhorrent to the sorts of people who worry about these things, regardless of the order in which I introduce the milk. 

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  1. Dave Burke says:

    Computer. Earl Grey. Hot.

  2. Oh sweet jebus…you add milk to earl grey? Ah our colonial cousins…may they be forever pitied 🙂

  3. jeffdav says:

    See! I add sugar too. Muah.

  4. Mark Watkins says:

    When making Earl Grey I do not add milk, sugar is acceptable though.

    When making ‘normal’ tea (is there a proper term for it?) I add the milk first, and this is supposed to taste better. Something to do with chemical changes in milk when it’s heated. If milk is poured into a cup of hot tea the milk droplets get too hot and their flavour changes – this isn’t a problem when hot tea is added to cool milk.

    If you’re after frothy tea you should go to Malaysia and have some Teh Tarik – though I’m sure you can find instructions somewhere on the superintrawebnet. This is the first page google gave me:

  5. jeffdav says:

    Why is milk unacceptable in Earl Grey? It tastes good to me. This is free tea they provide for us in the kitchens here at work. It is not the best stuff in the world. I add milk and sugar to everything.

    Even I, however, will not touch the coffee here.

    Frothy really was not the right word to describe it, it is just the word he used.

  6. Jason Mayer says:

    What’s wrong with the coffee in Seattle? It’s so much better than coffee in St. Louis(except Mashuga’s of course) that I can’t believe you’d even make such a statement.

  7. jeffdav says:

    By "here" I meant "at work", not "in Seattle." The coffee in Seattle in general is fine.

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