dear washington music purchaser

I got one piece of snail mail today.  It was a check for $13.86 from the “CD MAP Antitrust Litigation” entity.  I am shocked.  I was sure I would never get it.  I wonder how long I will have to wait for the Internet to grow enough and litigation in this country to occur frequently enough for me to make my living from joing class action lawsuits from the comfort of my home. 

I wonder if this is taxable income. 

Raymond and the work I participated in for the IE P3P stuff has me obsessed with privacy policies.  I wish I remebered what the CD settlement policy was.  I bet the information (Name, Address) I gave them is worth more then $13.86.  Especially when I cash the check; it confirms I exist at that address.  Theoretically.

Speaking of CDs I got that Johnny Cash box set from American.  There are some really great songs on there, but man, the opus to price ratio is not real good.  For future reference, these are the good ones: [2](10) Brown-Eyed Handsome Man (with Carl Perkins), [2](16) Bird On A Wire (Live with orchestra), [3](2) The L & N Don't Stop Here Anymore, [3](3) Redemption Song (with Joe Strummer).  The one with Joe Strummer is the best.  Maybe more when I listen more.

(I promise to post more IE-related stuff when I can. 
I have been too busy with getting it done.)

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