hello nyc

in nyc visiting friends. dino, my fellow .net compatriot is with me. i suspected the food here might be better then in seattle, and i am somewhat dissappointed to report that the food is, in fact, about a 10E6 times better.


fixed rss

should work now. i blame the tool.


enums and DeleteMenu()

I wanted to add a menu item that had a child menu to one of the menus in the IE menu bar. I always kind of dread adding menu items to IE, because there is a lot of stuff going on there. IE and Explorer share the same frame, and the menu items are different…


of cars and computers

Often I see or hear people comparing computers and cars to make a point. One such argument goes something like this: “If a car manufacturer builds a vehicle that is flawed and causes physical or economical damage to people or businesses, then the car manufacturer is liable. So why is it that a software company…


document.write(“hello world”);

Hello. I work on Internet Explorer– specifically the Browser UI team. And sometimes I have a life outside of that. If it was not obvious by now I will say it now. This is my introductory post. As such, I feel I should present some sort of outline for what is going on here, and…