Cameron’s back

Cameron Skinner has recently reappeared on the blogging scene and he’s on fire!  Check out a couple of his most recent posts: New role running the VSTS Architecture Edition team DSL + UML = Pragmatic Modeling I’d certainly recommend subscribing to his blog moving forward as I’m positive he’ll have more interesting news moving forward….


Please provide feedback on Architecture edition

We’re currently conducting a survey on the usage patterns for Visual Studio Team System Architecture edition and would appreciate your thoughts and feedback. This will help us understand what works for you today and what needs to be improved moving forward.  The survey won’t take very long to complete but it will help us make…


Aggregating popular Team System blogs

Blogs have quickly become a primary means for the Team System team to communicate with our community and as a result we have dozens and dozens of valuable blogs from our team.  Because of this distributed approach, it’s hard for our customers to navigate and track all of the blogs related to various topics.  We’ve…


Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2 is available!

I’m sure there will be many more posts (from me and others) but I wanted to get the good word out quickly that Visual Studio Beta 2 is now available for download!  It’s been a long haul but I’m really excited about what we’ve achieved.  I’m confident it’s ready for people to really pick up…


Team Architect’s plans for Power Tools

Over the past year, we’ve been trying to release components to you out of band from our major release cycles in order to deliver move value to you earlier and to get your feedback before we integrate these features into the mainstream release.  This comes in many forms including the TFS Power Tools, projects on…


Tell us about Beta1

Brian’s asking folks about their reaction to Team System “Orcas” Beta1: We released Orcas Beta 1 a few weeks ago now and I’m really surprised at how little feedback I’ve heard.  I’m curious what’s going on.  Are people too busy to mess with it?  Has releasing all of the CTPs ahead of time taken the…


All Orcas Beta1 downloads now available

I’m happy to announce that all of the Visual Studio Team System “Orcas” Beta1 downloads are now available.  The VPC images were available a couple weeks ago but last night we finally got the self extracting installer images available for folks that want to install the product themselves on their own machines.  As I’ve said…


Another chat – by popular demand

Based on the feedback that we’ve received on our upcoming chat, we decided to add another session later in the day to accommodate folks in other timezones.  Of course it’ll be on Saturday in many timezones around the world so hopefully folks will still be able to join us.  Here are the two times we’ll…


New Team Architect blog available

As I’ve mentioned before, I watch over the community efforts within the Team System team.  As part of that we monitor our blogging activity to ensure that we’ve got a good flow of information reaching the community on a regular basis.  At the moment we do that by watching 25 representative blogs that span the…