Tell us about VS2010 Beta2

Last week we shipped Beta 2 for broad distribution.  Many of you have already sent us comments and improvement suggestions (thanks!)

At this point we are down to our final set of bug fixing, perf tuning, etc.  We’re very interested in your feedback so we can take action on it before we ship the final version.  To help make it easy, you can take this simple survey.


One thing in particular we are hearing a lot of feedback on is performance.  We are working hard on the next round of perf improvements.  You can supply your feedback through the survey.  When you give us your feedback, the more actionable you can make it the better.  We need to know what operations you are doing (like editing, debugging, etc), what kind of hardware you have (CPU, RAM, disk), and your hosting scenario (main machine, running in VM, terminal server, etc).

Thanks in advance for your feedback!


Comments (10)

  1. SuggestionBoxBob says:

    on the e7 blog there was some good posts during Win7 development about how Win7 had a bunch of automated perf measurement/gathering to help get real-world numbers for common scenarios (opening the start menu, for instance).

    It’d be great if you/JasonZ/Soma/Rico/whoever could do some post(s) about the key perf scenarios VS has automated perf number gathering for, compare them with 2008 (and maybe 2005), show where 2010 is currently, compare Beta1 to Beta2, etc.

    Internal perf numbers and runs on the pods are one thing, but like with Win7, it’d be great to see what the real-world data is showing and how that’s being used for guiding VS perf work.

  2. Bob – thanks for the idea.  I’ve passed it on to my friends on the perf team to see what they can pull together.  We have a lot of machinery in place and the comparisons to Beta1 are pretty impressive.  We’ve also made good gains against VS2008 in select areas.



  3. damax says:

    Hi Jeff,


    VS2010 brings a lot of great features which round off good concepts and don’t let you stand halfway reaching your goal.

    Eg: the MVC generators (+templates) or the improved Entity Framework Modeller (automatically models m:n relations).


    A fat minus on performance. ASP-Editor very often hangs (for up to 5 seconds) (after closing/reopening the file editor this effect vanishes but still a painful latency remains). Also an issue with the editors: the default text font inside the popups for code explanation  (is that the correct term for it?) are ugly and hard to read… (how) can I change it?



  4. Raymond says:

    Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 is better than Beta 1 but that’s like saying waterboarding is better than thumbscrews.

    The biggest problem I have is that Visual Studio lags when entering/leaving auto completion lists, or when it is in a mode that it wants to perform auto completion. I am currently ediiting a .aspx file and this is where it is most noticeable to me.

  5. Damax: thanks for your complements and criticisms.  We’re certainly working on the performance issues you mention.  I’m following up on your question about the fonts used in the Intellisense pop-ups.

    Raymond: we’ve heard similar concerns about the auto completion lists in VS2010 Beta2 and have made numerous improvements in this area.  Look for those to be available in the RC release scheduled for Feb 2010.



  6. Damax:

    Regarding text rendering in IntelliSense popups, we’ve made improvements here since Beta2.  We missed a few cases in optimizing font rendering, including these tooltips; they should be using ClearType for better clarity but aren’t in Beta2.  The text in these popups should be crisper and more readable in the RC Jeff mentioned.

    The tooltip font can be changed through Tools->Options->Environment->Fonts and Colors.  In the dropdown at the top (not the list of items in the middle), choose Editor Tooltip.  There is a separate bug that prevents the editor from respecting this setting in Beta2, but in the RC you’ll be able to use this page customize the tooltip font however you like.

    Brittany Behrens

    Program Manager, VS Platform – Editor

  7. Rohim Uddin says:


    I downloaded VS 2010 Beta and using it right now. I love it as i think Microsoft is paying real interest in feedbacks. I like the cool interface and tons of features it brought along. Only issue i found is that, it eats lot of memory. And sometimes it is very slow.

    Hope that helps

  8. Rohim,

    Thanks for your feedback.  If you’re having memory and performance issues with VS2010 Beta 2, I would strongly recommend that you upgrade to the VS2010 Release Candidate as it includes many fixes to address issues in precisely those two areas.

    Thanks again for your support of Visual Studio.


  9. Chong says:

    I have loaded the VS 2010 RC1 and the Hotfix on my computer.   When writing code if I am in a sub or function the applicaiton will frezze/be non responsive for a count of 12 or more after I type the first letter of anything.  This will continue to happen when typing.

    For example in the code below:


    Sub test()

    Dim x As New MyTestClass


    End Sub

    Response was normal when typing the Private Sub Test() and pressing the enter key.

    However VS froze/was not responsive for a count of 12 or more when:

    I typed the D of the dim statement;

    Also not responsive after typing N of new;

    Also not responsive after typing M of messagebox;

    Actually most of the first letter will cost me some time to response.  

    Any ideas?

  10. Chong – I would highly recommend that you try out the final version of VS2010 available here:  Even after the RC1 release we made a number of improvements in performance for editing and other scenarios.  Please let us know how it goes.



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