Check out the updated Visual Studio look

For Visual Studio 2010 we have revamped the development environment to provide a cleaner, easier to use, interface all built with WPF.  Jason Zander, our general manager, announced new details at VSLive yesterday and provided a blog post outlining some of the highlights.  Take a look…I think you’ll like what you see.


Welcome Willy, our newest Team System Ranger

I’m pleased to welcome Willy-Peter Schaub to the Team System team as our newest Ranger.  Willy is a former Microsoft MVP from South Africa (his old blog can be found here: and has recently joined us to help further the Ranger mission of accelerating the adoption of Team System.  He’s started a new blog…


Check out our updated website

The next update to our Team System website has been made with an eye towards helping make things easier to find.  Sharon, our web site manager, has been working very hard to help address the feedback we’ve gotten in the past and is very eager to hear what you think about the recent improvements.  Check…