Updated Visual Studio Team System 2008 Trial VPC images available

For those of you that want to try out Visual Studio Team System 2008 including Team Foundation Server, without having to go through the process of installing the product, we have recently released four VPC and HyperV images for your use.  The “all-up” image includes Team Foundation Server, Team Build, Team Explorer, and Team Suite while the TFS “only” version has just Team Foundation Server, Team Build, and Team Explorer.

These images are set to expire on December 31, 2009 (over a year from now) and are a replacement for the original VPC images we released last year.



For more information and to find links to the images go to http://www.pluralsight.com/community/blogs/brian/archive/2008/12/24/happy-holidays-and-look-what-santa-s-brought.aspx.  Many thanks to Brian Randell for his outstanding work pulling these images together and getting them through the sometimes Byzantine release process here at MS.


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  3. Thanks! Any tips of running multiple copies on a single network and avoiding the "duplicate machine name error" without tons of reconfiguring the servers?

  4. Michael –

    We have not published guidance on how to network enable the VPCs or how to get multiple copies on the same network simultaneously.  As you have found, there are many problems with doing so and I’m afraid that changing the TFS server name is not possible at this time.  As such, I’d recommend using only a single server and disabling the others.  

    With the VSTS 2010 beta we’ll release both a VPC as well as a native install of VSTS and TFS to eliminate this problem moving forward.  



  5. Eu says:

    I found that it requires virtual pc to runs the image. however, I have concerned about the licensing for the virtual pc and the windows software within it. What is my right in this licensing stuff?

  6. jack says:

    what is the current version of visual studio that you would recommend for a web project ?

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