Check out the new Community tab on the Team System website!

As I mentioned recently, Sharon Elkins is our new website manager for Team System and she’s starting to make some changes to the site.  Some of those first updates went live today and we’d love your feedback.  You can see the new page here: and read Sharon’s description / plea for feedback here:

Take a look and let us know what you think. There’s more to come…



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  1. Ianceicys says:

    More to come, awsome!

    It’s like finding I keep finding more TFS presents under the Christmas tree.

    These updates sure are a nice way to close out 2008 and look forward to even more goodness in 2009.

  2. Stephanie Saad on New Team System Community Page(s) on MSDN Grant Holliday on TFS Adoption at Microsoft…

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