System Center 2007 Management Pack for TFS 2008 is available!

The Team System Rangers have delivered again!  This time it’s a comprehensive Management Pack for TFS 2008 working with System Center 2007.  This release represents an amazing amount of effort and coordination between the Ranger, the TFS product team, the System Center team, Microsoft Consulting Services and a number of early adopting companies.  We hope you find it a valuable addition to your arsenal of TFS management tools.

You will find the download here:,  You can also go to the System Center Operations Manager Catalog and search for it by selecting "System Center Operations Manager 2007" and entering TFS as a keyword.


The Team Foundation Server (TFS) 2008 Management Pack monitors exposed services of TFS. This management pack includes event rules and monitors. It is designed to proactively monitor quality and availability of TFS services and even automate recovery in some scenarios.

Feature Summary

  • Auto discovery of TFS components
  • Leverages ASP.NET MP and SQL MP
  • Implements containment hierarchy reflecting logical architecture of the Product
  • Implements a proper health model using Monitors
  • Contains tasks, diagnostic and recovery for certain failures
  • Events indicating service outages
  • Alerts indicating configuration issues and connected data source changes
  • Verification that all dependant services are running
  • Targeted running of BPA against TFS Servers from Operator Console

I want to thank the Team System Rangers for their work in putting this together and getting it shipped.  They've done a terrific job delivering add-ons and guidance for Team System over the past few years and this is one more in a long string of accomplishments.

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