Rangers ship SQL load testing tool

The Team System Rangers have shipped again!  This time they’re have built on the success of the WCF Load Testing Tool and have applied that same approach to SQL.  You can find this tool on our Codeplex site: SQL Load Test. Here are the details from that site: Project Description This tool takes a SQL…


Using Team System for SharePoint development

From all indications, Microsft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) adoption is growing quickly as it provides an easy way to share information, facilitate collaboration, manage content, and implement workflow within enterprises.  We use it daily here on our team to store documents, and share project details.  We’ve done a bit of customization but I can tell…


Case studies galore!

Sometimes I get so heads down in the business of shipping our next version that I forget for a moment about customers using the current version.  Fortunately, there are plenty of folks around me who work directly with customers on a regular basis such as the Team System Rangers and our very own Team System…


Welcome Grant!

Grant Holliday, a former Team System MVP, recently joined our team focused on adoption of TFS internal to Microsoft.  Since he’s a veteran TFS user, he hit the ground running and now is a voracious force on the internal support aliases.  I’m happy to see that he’s also started blogging with a similar level of…


Team System community update posted

Chuck Sterling, our Team System community lead, has posted a copy of his monthly update on community activities to his blog.  In the past, these updates have been only for internal consumption but, at my behest, he posted the most recent update for all to read.  This sort of transparency is a bit of an…


Localized hotfix pages now available

We have hit another milestone on our journey to improve our process around delivering hotfixes to customers.  Now, not only will the most commonly requested hotfixes be available for download in English, but in French, Spanish, Italian, German, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and Brazilian Portuguese as well.  You can browse the list…


Cameron’s back

Cameron Skinner has recently reappeared on the blogging scene and he’s on fire!  Check out a couple of his most recent posts: New role running the VSTS Architecture Edition team DSL + UML = Pragmatic Modeling I’d certainly recommend subscribing to his blog moving forward as I’m positive he’ll have more interesting news moving forward….


Tools for Agility – A white paper by Kent Beck

Ajoy Krishnamoorthy, a product manager on our team, recently worked with Kent Beck to publish a great white paper on tooling for the agile team. The section on transparency really resonated with me especially this passage: A transparent team can more cheaply and effectively coordinate their efforts towards shared goals. Acting transparently sends a signal…



As you may have heard, registration is now open for the next Microsoft Professional Developers Conference happening in October! PDC2008 is going to be packed with all of the latest information about the future of the Microsoft development platform. For a taste of some of the sessions being offered, check out the preliminary list of…