More Team System "Rosario" specs available for review

In November of last year, we started sharing a selection of the specs written for Team System "Rosario" features.  At the time, we had just two specs available but the response from the community was very encouraging.  As I predicted at the time, this sort of positive response would encourage others to follow suit and it has...we now have 7 specs available with 3 new ones posted in the last month:

Please take a look at these and provide us feedback.  Not only will you help us make these features better but you'll also encourage other teams to go through the extra effort required to publish new specs in the future.  Subscribe to this RSS feed in order to monitor future activity and join us on our forum specifically designated to promote discussion of these specs within the community.


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  1. Luciano says:

    P.S. you know what "rosario" means in italian?

    I don’t care, but maybe someone VERY religious, could find it offensive 😉

  2. stoffi says:

    one qeustion why the tfs bug submission portal and the tfs webaccess is not a part of the sharepoint portal of the team project?

    Tfs webaccess is a great product but in my opinion will be a part of the sharepoint portal.

    why you made this divison?

  3. Stoffi – Team System Web Access is not yet fully integrated into TFS due in part to the fact that TSWA was aquired just a year ago from another company.  We are working hard to integrate TSWA more tightly with TFS so that there’s a single, unified web experience for Team System.

    Thanks for your feedback…I’m glad to hear this scenario is important to you.



  4. Pete says:


    Why would the "TFS Bug Submission Portal" be a separate application from TSWA. Shouldn’t they be the same code base with different views based on a user’s credentials using role based security perhaps? I realize it is a question of licensing and not roles, but it seems ridiculous to me that the only way to solve that problem is with a completely separate app.


  5. … in regards to the next release of Visual Studio team System codename "Rosario". That is correct….

  6. dl says:

    Why don’t you post these documents in an Industry Standard format, like everywhere ese within the Microsoft sites.  I refuse to use XPS!

  7. Hakan says:


    I agree, however TFS doesn’t keep track of users with or without CALs, so we don’t have user groups or permissions to indicate this. Since TSWA doesn’t have a way to detect whether a user has a CAL or not, it’s not possible for us to change the application behavior at runtime.

    This is why WIWA is a separate app for now.

    Hope this helps.


  8. DL – thanks for your feedback about the document format for these files.  I have asked the team to post using PDF in addition to XPS in the future.


  9. While I hope many of you are now or soon to be actively using Visual Studio Team System 2008, we’re hard

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