Easing access to hotfixes

In our continued efforts to improve the availability of hotfixes for Visual Studio and the .NET framework, we've eliminated the registration requirement on the Connect site which contains our most commonly requested hotfixes.  We're looking into more ways to make product updates such as these even easier to find and apply, this improvement should certainly ease the acquisition process. 

Since we don't do a tremendous amount of testing with each of the fixes, I wouldn't recommend picking them all up blindly.  Instead, only pick up those that address a particular problem that you're experiencing and wait for the Service Packs in order to get a wholesale product update that's been fully regression tested.


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  1. asier says:


    Are you developing hotfixes for localiced version of Visual Studio (for example spanish VS2008)? Where can we download them if they exist?


  2. Asier –

    Thanks for your great question. I didn’t know the answer or who did so it took some time to find the right person to ask.  Here’s what I heard back:

    Our commitment is to provide patches targeting all applicable language patches all the time, by default, without the customer having to explicitly ask for these.

    Since the VS2008 localized releases were not available until many weeks after the English product on 11/19, we did not have the ability to build patches targeting those languages (we cannot build patches when there’s no product to build patches on top of in those languages).

    We have since introduced that ability. The regular hotfix builds we have kicked off since early this month have all been "all-language" builds. All patches built are now targeting these additional languages and that’s going to be the norm.

    If there is a particular hotfix that you need that was released before we started doing "all-language" builds, please let me know and I’ll see what I can do to help you..at least now I know who to ask!

    Hope that helps!  


  3. Asier says:

    Thanks for the efforts. I were asking because earlier this year we had problems (in VS2005 SP1) to publish sites with the IDE option, having to use the command line. We found a hotfix (i think KB933608) but we weren’t able to find the spanish version, if it exists, so maybe in VS2005 you weren’t releasing "all-languahe" builds…

    We have switched to VS2008 and this moment we ar happy and with no problems, but at least I know who to ask too 😀

  4. As we continue to improve the availability of our Visual Studio and .NET hotfixes, we have recently begun

  5. Davide78 says:

    That would be nice, because I have the same problem that point to that hotfix, but it’s available only in english, and I need it for the italian versione of VS2005, but I think it will be more easier to do it from command line than to wait for a localized version I think..

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