Channel 9 video: Project management with TFS

Brian Keller stopped by my office recently and we chatted for a while about how we manage our projects using TFS.  Since we hear a lot from customers that are curious about how we dogfood our product we decided to post the recording on Channel 9.  Take a look:


PS - I'm going to talk with Brian...I think his camera's broken.  His recording makes it look like my hair is thinning on top and that's certainly not possible!  🙂

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  1. Really great video!  Been interested in how this is done for quite a while and glad we have the chance to see it in live action.  Curious how the reports were done for sure!

    Definitely would like to see that kind of visibility in our projects as well.

    Thanks again some transparency!

  2. Tommy Sundling says:


    Thanks for giving us some insight into how Microsoft handles software project, it’s very interesting to get the view from the people that have had the most time and experience with the product.

    Question: Is there any chance you’ll make the new work item types available for the ‘general public’ further on? I’m thinking about the Pillars and Features and naturally also the reports that were shown.

    Thanks again for the video, keep them comming 🙂



  3. Greggm on Automatically reading source files from TFS. Brian Keller on Better Project Management with…

  4. Joe Schwetz, the group manager of our TFS Solution Provider team, publishes a monthly report which updates

  5. msdnburns says:

    Nice video, Jeff.   I think sharing Microsoft’s internal use of Team System is helping other organizations learn about it and gain confidence in using it themselves.  I’m interested to know where the work items and reports are coming from.  Will they be available in Rosario or can we get them now?


  6. Gregg Boer, a program manager on the TFS work item tracking team has started a series of posts outlining

  7. John –

    Thanks for your feedback.  Some of this functionality is available using VSTS 2008.   You can see examples of that here (  The status roll up and hierarchical work items features I showed are newly supported in Rosario and are difficult to achieve with VSTS 2008.


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