TFS adoption survey results

Carl Rogers recently posted the results of an adoption survey he ran during TechEd EMEA last fall to understand adoption levels of TFS as well as how 'process' is viewed by teams.  Some interesting things popped for me as I read through the results:

  • Top three challenges faced by teams:
    1. Poor requirements
    2. Delayed delivery
    3. lack of testing
  • Small teams suffer more from a lack of methodology than large teams
  • 89% of surveyed TFS users use it for source control.  Second most common usage: Team Build at 56%
  • MSF is typically used by only 16% of the TFS respondents...most use an in house or SCRUM process.

Check out the full report here:

How does this match your experience?  What do you make of these results.  As always, I want to hear from you!

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  1. Gert says:

    Corresponds well with our experiences, the first hurdle was to replace an existing Source control system, in our case SourceSafe. That was fairly easy, although some of our teams came late to Tfs, bacause of lack of resources. Setting up Team builds came next. Then we started individual teams (trailblazers) up on using the process template, in our case Scrum from Conchango. Getting all teams to use the process model is hard, reasons being: maturity of the teams, Scrum master personnel punch, the type of development the team are doing; maintenance or new development, the list continues.

  2. Jeff Beehler on Interview with Mark Osborn on how we build Visual Studio and TFS adoption survey result….

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