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We're currently conducting a survey on the usage patterns for Visual Studio Team System Architecture edition and would appreciate your thoughts and feedback. This will help us understand what works for you today and what needs to be improved moving forward.  The survey won't take very long to complete but it will help us make some tradeoffs as we complete work on Rosario and future products. 

Start the survey here.

Many thanks for your continued support and feedback.

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  1. Richard_Pearce says:

    From Richard Pearce at  CADS, UK


    I spend all day using Visual Studio to create and edit VB script files with the VBS file extension, and pseudo C source files with a BDS or BDF file extension.

    I have added these file extensions so that my source code is formatted correctly as VB for those with the VBS extension and C/C++ for those with the BDS or BDF extensions.

    However, whenever I want to open a file, or add files to a folder in the project explorer as a means of organisation and quick reference, I have to scroll down through the file types pop-down  to select All Files before the files with my file extensions are displayed and can be selected, which is a regular pain.

    I would like to be able to add my own group of file extensions to the list of recognised groups of file extensions in the File Open and Add Existing Item dialogs, for example,  *.VBS;*.BDS;*.BDF. I would then like to be able to customise the order of these file extension groups so that my preferred grouping is at the top of the list and is the default one used by the File Open and Add Existing Item dialogs.

    This would mean that whenever I go to open a file or add files to a folder in the Project Explorer, I would immediataely see the files I want to use, and life for me would be so much easier.

    Thanks in anticipation of a favourable outcome to this request in due course.

  2. Thanks Richard – this sort of detailed feedback is quite helpful.  I’ve passed it along to the Program Manager responsible for this area of the product.

    Thanks again,


  3. Nasir Khan says:

    Support for most useful UML diagrams(Use cases, Sequence, Activity model etc.) will allow the Developer to only use Visual Studio for all SDLC activities.  Support for more granular relations between entitles/classes like  composition, aggregation etc.

    Connectors for Migration of UML diagrams from Rational tools to VS 2008 Studio. With the introduction of  XMI(Import/Export XMI) it’s quite possible to have this in place.

    Connection point to bring all Visio Diagrams into Visual Studio Architect Edition.

    UML 1.x Modeling & Diagrams: Class, Object, Package, Use Case, Component, Deployment, Sequence, Collaboration, State, Activity, Robustness.

    Support for ER-Diagram and Integration with SQL server database for reverse engineering would be added advantage.

    Thanks and Regards,


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