Visual Studio Team System 2008 VPC images available

For those of you that want to try out Visual Studio Team System 2008 including Team Foundation Server, without having to go through the process of installing the product, we have recently released two VPC images for your use:

  • The first VPC is what we call the “all-up” image: Team Foundation Server 2008, Team Explorer 2008, Team Suite 2008, Team Build 2008, and bits of Office 2007 in a single workgroup security mode server image running on Windows Server 2003. Over 11 GB uncompressed.
  • The second VPC is a TFS only image with only Team Foundation Server and Team Explorer. It's just under 7 GB uncompressed. We built this image so that you'd run it under Virtual Server with a private network and do all your dev work and builds from your host computer. We are working on a document that gives you all the details and will post it soon.

Both images expire on April 1, 2008. Updated images will be posted before then (in fact the updated images will have sample data, hands-on labs, and updates like Office 2007 SP1 and the TFS Power Tools that were announced over the holiday period).

For more information and to find links to the images go to


Update:  Brian Keller has posted a faster and more reliable way to download these large virtual image files.  Thanks Brian!

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  3. BeSilver says:

    The VPC images are a great help – excellent work!

    Question: Are there any additional resources, like walkthroughs which would help getting started?

  4. BeSilver – here’s a good place to start to find some of the TFS related walkthroughs:  Does that satisfy your need?  If not, please let us know what else you need.



  5. Justin says:

    Hello – The Team System VPS images expire soon.  Do you know when the latest images will be released?  Thanks!

  6. Justin – we are going through the last steps of validating the VPC download links today so we’re very, very close to making them available to you.


  7. Keni says:

    What do you think of deploying TFS to a Virtual Server? We have a team of about 20 users and we’re seriously considering this option because of resource constraint.

  8. Many customers use TFS on a Virtual Server instead of installing on the host server OS.  In fact, the instance of TFS that we’re using for Rosario project management is running on a virtual image.  As you might expect, it’s important to provide enough memory and a powerful enough server to handle the load from your users but otherwise, you shouldn’t experience unusual difficulties with this approach.


  9. Deepak Chitnis says:

    Since the VPCs have expired, are there any plans to post new ones soon?

  10. We use the VPCs frequently for demos, presentations, and self-led training. I see they’re about to expire on 12/31. Any plans for a refresh?


  11. Jeff – yes, there is a plan for a refreshed VPC image available before the end of the year.  We’ve been waiting for the update to TeamData (for SQL Server 2008 support) to become available and then we’ll be able to replace the existing image on MSDN.  This means that no change to the URL above will be required.  We will update the expiration details on the page once it is posted.



  12. For those of you that want to try out Visual Studio Team System 2008 including Team Foundation Server,

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