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In many ways, the Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) is at the very center of Team System.  It goes beyond telling you what Team System is but how best to use it given proven practices that we've developed over the years.  As such, we want to make sure it works well for you and your team.  Andrew Delin, one of the newest members of the MSF team, is very interested in your thoughts and feedback.  To help him collect your input, we've created a survey which should take you approximately 5 minutes to complete.  Please let us hear from you so that we can continue to improve Team System by providing better guidance to you and your teams.

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  1. We recently did a small reorg and my team is now responsible for the MSF components that ship in Visual

  2. Jim says:

    Hi Jeff,

    We adopted the use of TFS about 18 months ago and are still finding new things out every day about it.

    The MSF documentation is invaluable in determining how best to wield the power of TFS in our small team of developers. For us it was a case of deciding what parts of the MSF suited our work environment, rather than adopting it entirely.

    I guess it would be nice to see some of the TFS UI incorporate the state or lifetime diagrams where relevant to aid the user in ascertaining how much impact their changes will have on a work item. Sometimes it is inconvenient to look up the intended work flow of a particular work item on the portal.

    The content itself is solid and clear. Overall I’d like to say thankyou for the value that MSF adds to TFS and its useability.

  3. Jim – Thanks for your feedback.  I’ve passed it on to the folks involved with MSF so they can consider it in their plans moving forward.


  4. Jeff,

    Thanks for the post. Unfortunately we are not involved with MSF, but in the process of learning MSF.

    Can you mention about any tutorials for implementing MSF .. or help us to understand where MSF fits in our application developement.

    Thanks for reading this.

  5. Riorganizzazione del team di Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF)

  6. Fabio Camara says:

    Jeff Beehler from Microsoft has posted a link to a survey on MSF. When you get a chance, hit the survey…

  7. Shabariji says:


    Our company is moving towards level 5 CMMI certification. We are evaluating TFS towards achieving this. I have gone through various web casts, MSDN articles, case studies and forums, but not to avail much needed info about how to do so. If you can help us in providing any links, forums, articles or any other place where I can get this info, would be of gr8 use to us. Your timely guidance will be of great help to our organization.

  8. MSDN Archive says:

    Hi Shabariji,

    At the present time, we don’t have plans to support anything beyond CMMI level 3 out of the box. But it is definitely possible to customize the CMMI template to go further. This might be facilitated by assistance from a CMMI consultant or appraiser.

    I think a very good plan would be to talk to a partner such as Osellus who have consulting based around CMMI (to Level 5), specifically using VSTS.

    Here’s a link to get started:

    Hope this helps

    Andrew Delin

  9. 最近、開発部門でちょっとした再編が行われ、私のチームは Visual Studio Team System に付属の MSF コンポーネントを担当することになりました。つまり、私は MSF を今以上に理解し、MSF

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