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Blogs have quickly become a primary means for the Team System team to communicate with our community and as a result we have dozens and dozens of valuable blogs from our team.  Because of this distributed approach, it’s hard for our customers to navigate and track all of the blogs related to various topics.  We’ve also heard from many customers that they tire of the endless cross posts between our blogs…the echo can sometimes be deafening.  

To help us dampen the echo and to provide one place for customers to go to learn about their favorite portions of the product, we are now aggregating the best Team System blog articles on each of the role specific Team Centers.  As we learn more about how this approach works (and doesn’t work) for us and our customers, we’ll evolve this program.  To get us started, I have identified key posts and posters to help us kick off this program. Please take a look, subscribe to your favorite feeds and let us know if this help you to stay in touch with us better. 



Team System (rss)

Architect (rss)

Developer (rss)

Test (rss)

Database (rss)

TFS (rss)

Project Manager (rss)

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  1. MickeyHeadShot Mickey Gousset says:

    Brian Harry on Updated documentation on creating custom reports. GertD on Data Bound Generator Vs. Sequential…

  2. abelfiore says:


    I’m one of the customers that is making you deaf. So, here goes a bit more noise for you to digest.

    This post doesn’t solve anything. I’m already subscribed to these blogs. My guess is most folks are too. Plus, what happens when you add a few more "official blogs" to your list? or remove/rename some? Are you going to update this post? Send out another post?

    The main problem is *not* that we can’t find the right blogs (though I wish it were easier). The problem is that blogs should not be used for knowledge management.

    Blogs *are not a good means of persisting information*. They are still valuable, but should act as "news", or "articles", or "opinions" that should be driving your readers to a Real Knowledge Management System (think wiki).

    Maybe I’m preaching to the choir, but you guys need an "unofficial" Sharepoint(?) wiki where you manage all this wonderful information. Keep your blog posts short and concise – and provide links to the real content on a wiki.

    This way you minimize fragmentation of your knowledge. It’s kind of silly for me, as a developer, to click around blog posts, that refer to blog posts, that also refer to blog posts, to educate myself on certain facets of TFS. Plus, blog posts get old. Wiki pages can constantly be updated to reflect reality.

    Sorry for the additional noise… I’m sure your issues likely revolve around corporate support for an "unofficial knowledge base", but I think it needs done.


  3. Matt says:

    I agree with Tony.

    I’m working on TFS 2005 and finding 90% of the TFS blogs i subscribe to are now talking all about OCRA – i want to check them out though in case something useful does pop up for 2005.


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