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Doug Seven, our newest addition to the Team System marketing team, would like to hear from you regarding future topics for him to cover in his blog.  Take a look at his post and let him hear from you.

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  1. Paul Slater says:


    I am interested in keeping up to speed with VSTS, keeping up with the changes in the pipeline and gathering experience in customising and using VSTS.

    I am an IT contractor working at Merrill Lynch in Glasgow Scotland – with Martin Hinshelwood – – Sadly Martin is leaving for pastures new as the local management seem to have lost their way and opted for Jira over VSTS.

    Both Martin and I see the superior benefits of VSTS.

    When Martin leaves I will loose my direct connection into the latest and greatest with VSTS.

    In order to someway plug that gap, ideally I would like Access to a vistual server to experiment with VSTS customisations and therefore be in an ideal position to bring value add to my customers as and when they see the light.

    While Martin is programming in VSTS, I have been customising VSTS for IT and Business Project Managers to use and would like to continue accessing a DEV/UAT virtual server if such a service is available.

    Is this possible?

    Eager to hear.



  2. Abhinav Mohan says:


    I am in a process of developing a new Business Process Model for the company i work in. The model is based around the Team System.

    Problem which i am facing at the moment is that many of our clients and consultants within the company want to be able to access the source control without having to install Team Explorer.

    For example if a person wants to just read the requirement specification document stored in the Source Control. He/she dosen’t want to install Team Explorer just to do that.

    Unfortunately at this time there is no interface available where they can simply access the contents in the Source control without installing the Team Explorer.

    It would be great if there was an alternative way.

    two possible solutions.

    1. a plugin for the Visual Source safe to communicate with Source control in TFS. This would be the best possible solution as then the old project and other related project documentations can be accessed at one place.


    2. A web access feature similar to the Project Portal where the Source Control can be accessed even if it is with limited access like latest version only and read only.  Not the best solution nevertheless will be better than anything currently available.

    If you would like to contact me then please feel free to email me on

    Kind Regards

    Abhinav Mohan

  3. Paul –

    Thanks for your comments about using TFS in a virtual environment for experimentation.  Have you looked into the trial releases of TFS that we make for people to evaluate before they make a purchasing decision?  Take a look here ( for more information.  And please let us know if you need additional resources to help with your efforts to get Team System more broadly adopted.  



  4. Abhinav –

    Thanks for your comments about Team Explorer. We hear regularly from customers who would like to have a lighter weight way to interact with TFS than through Team Explorer.  Your ideas around a web client are probably the most applicable to the widest range of customers.  I’ve passed your thoughts along to the TFS program managers for their consideration in future releases.

    Thanks again,


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