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Brian's asking folks about their reaction to Team System "Orcas" Beta1:

We released Orcas Beta 1 a few weeks ago now and I'm really surprised at how little feedback I've heard.  I'm curious what's going on.  Are people too busy to mess with it?  Has releasing all of the CTPs ahead of time taken the excitment out of playing with the Beta?  Is it so unbelievably good that you are stunned into silence?  Are you just waiting for Beta 2?

Take a look and let us know what you think.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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  1. Maybe is because you have to download and entire DVD, replace your beloved, and maybe using CTPs of WPF, WCF and WWF, and do all that work is very heavy!!!

    I really don’t know but what about licensing?? I have already bought licences for VS TFS and TS, I need to buy new licences for Orcas??

  2. Francisco –

    The product download for Beta1 was quite large so I understand your DVD comment.  We’ve done some work recently to substantially reduce (~20%) the size of the download for future releases so hopefully that will help.  We are also investigating providing physical media for the next beta release as well.  

    Regarding licensing, if, when you purchased VS 2005, you signed up for Software Assurance, you will receive the Orcas upgrade for free. Otherwise, you’ll need to buy a new license to get Orcas.  Visit to learn more.



  3. If you want to learn more about Software Assurance, please visit


  4. Peter Hansen says:

    I’m unable to install TFS. After running setup, it does some checks, but when clicking on the linky for the health check report, nothing happens. So i’m unable to determine whats wrong with my system.

  5. Peter – please either contact me through the email link on my blog or use our online forum for TFS Setup ( and we’ll find someone to help you get TFS installed.  



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