Migrating to TFS

One of my jobs on the Team System team is to work with the Rangers who are focused on accelerating adoption of Visual Studio Team System 2005 while we work on bringing Orcas and Rosario to market.  I really enjoy this part of my job because it keeps me very close to the customers and the everyday challenges they face.  We're working hard to meet one of those challenges, namely migrating to TFS from existing source control and work item tracking systems.  That's why I was tickled today when I read that an early copy of the Migration and Synchronization Toolkit was recently published to Codeplex. 

You can keep up on the latest developments here by reading Matt's TFS Migration blog.

PS - Brian's blogged about the Toolkit as well with some interesting thoughts for the future...check it out.

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  1. It’s been a long time coming, but the Toolkit has finally released on CodePlex! We’ve received a lot

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