Team System Guidance

J.D. Meier was recently telling me the way he distinguishes between product documentation and's like the difference between the Owner's Manual and a Driver's guide.  You need both but for different reasons.  Traditionally, the product team has focused on product documentation and left the guidance part to others.  While we still depend on others to help us out here, we're starting to invest more of our time and energy into the guidance portion because we realize how important it is to the successful adoption of our product and it's role in increasing overall customer satisfaction. 

I've previously written about the Performance Testing guidance project which is already underway.  Now we're starting to take on additional topics with the next one being Source Control.  As J.D. announces the Team System Guidance project, he writes:

What you'll see so far, is Practices at a Glance and Questions and Answers as we're tackling source control / versioning.  They are designed to give you a quick path through the lessons learned and emerging practices.  These are works in progress.  As we learn, we update. 

We've obviously only just begun but since this is a community facing activity, your involvement early can help us keep this effort pointed in the right direction by getting involved.  I'm very excited about the possibilites here and look forward to seeing where this takes us. 

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