How’s VS2005 SP1 beta working for you?

Recently I've been asking people I work with how the VS2005 SP1 beta is going.  I've gotten various responses but the most insightful one was a suggestion to ask my customers which is precisely what I'm doing. I'm really interested in hearing from you on this topic.  Some of the things I'm curious about are:

  • Have you installed it? If so, how'd it go?  If not, why not?
  • What improvements have you noticed?
  • Anything get worse? 
  • What would you recommend we do before shipping this release in the near future?

I'm not looking for specific bug reports...they belong on  Instead, I'm looking for your overall assessment of the release quality and ship readiness.

Thanks in advance for your time.


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  1. Cory Nelson says:

    Working great in VC++ here!  Only one bug, and a workaround was found quickly.  Other than that, the only thing that needs improving is the install time.

  2. D Pilcher says:

    I’ve not noticed any issues under C++, C# or Smart Device projects that I work on.  But pre-SP1 issues I’ve seen are with the ASP.NET projects and I’ve not been working on those recently.

    Truthfully, VS2005 wasn’t as bad as people complained about – sure, the GUI performance wasn’t ideal and in a blue moon you’d get a crash, but as a productivity tool it’s streets ahead of VS2003.

    I second the comment on slow install time, half of which appeared to be CPU time rather than HDD access and so must be an algorithmic issue with the installer.  But it worked.

    I’ve not noticed anything get worse. It looks quite solid – I’ve not had a single crash that I can remember.

    I’d like to see a full SP1 installer that you could install on Vista – one that includes SQL Server SP1 and the .NET 2.0 CF SP1.  A service pack should bring all components up to the most secure current versions.

  3. After installing Sp1 I hoped to see that problems with e.g. creating reports (RDL) would now be solved, but I still get Visual Studio Crashes. Also I hoped that a dreadfull package load error when you want to create a performance session after you run an unit test. I did not notice any problems with VS after installing so the service pack is not breaking anything for me 🙂 I recommended several coleagues to install and they are also running the SP with success.

  4. Rob Caron on New Team Foundation Server Administrator’s Guide. Clark Sell on TFS Event Filtering….

  5. Cory – thanks for the update…glad to hear things are working well for you.  We’re investigating the install time issues but it’s not yet clear how much we do here given the technology limitations of our current patching system.

  6. D Pilcher – thanks for your comments.  Read my previous comment about install time investigations.  I like your vision of a combined SP1 installer.  We’re looking at making significant technology investments in our servicing infrastructure and this seems like a good scenario to consider.  

  7. Marcel – I hope you have reported the RDL crashing issue through  Please let me know what the resolution of that issue is.  Also, I’m interested in learning more about the package load error…has that been reported as well?  

    It certainly says something to me that you recommended the SP beta to others.  

    Thanks for the update.

  8. Jeff,

    No noticable problems here, seems to work great. Only issue is the installer really makes my notebook cook.


  9. William – good to hear that SP1 is working great for you.  We’re still investigating the installation issues…unfortunately at this time I don’t have any great news to share except that we’re still looking at options.

    Thanks again for the update.

  10. le_sloth says:

    Other than a minor issue with undo/redo buttons in the IDE (which has been reported and resolved in Connect), I haven’t found any particular bugs so far.

    Performance was always the big issue pre-SP1, particularly with large multi-project VB solutions. To be honest I’ve got so used to it being slow now that it’s hard to tell whether things are working well or not! I can safely say that since installing SP1 I didn’t exactly think "wow, this is loads faster".  

    Things like opening a form designer for the first time are still painfully slow. Oh, just remembered – the dataset designer is much faster!

  11. tzagotta says:

    What’s the latest on this release? I’m running Vista now, and I’m finding that VS2005 doesn’t work great on it. There are some issues with it locking up, and not exiting properly. I’m expecting these are fixed in SP1, but what is the expected release date?

  12. We’re getting very close although we are not announcing a release schedule at this point.  Check back with me in a week or so.

  13. tzagotta says:

    Thanks for the reply. I hope the PMs are keeping in mind that there is some pain running VS2005 on Vista, and now that Vista is RTM, folks like myself are running it on dev machines, and we have the expectation that these two products would work well together. Thanks again.

  14. I hear you on the Vista point.  As you would expect, we’re using Vista and VS internally and as such are very aware of the pain you’re experiencing.  I hope that we can alleviate some of that pain for you in the near future.  

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