Community Tech Preview (CTP) program feedback

We’ve been discussing internally our CTP program and how to improve it.  As part of that, we’d like your thoughts based on your experience and needs.  Brian Harry’s posted more details on his blog…check it out. And, as always, thanks for your feedback!


yacc – yet another community chat

Ok…I couldn’t resist a slight nod to my compiler heritage in the title of my blog post.  For those of you unfamiliar with yacc, here’s a link for more info. Now on to my actual topic.   Please join members of the Visual Studio Team System product group including me to discuss features available in Visual…


Top Visual Studio Hotfixes available

Read all about it…the top VS2005 hotfixes are now available to download from the web.  Before today, to get one of these hotfixes you’d have to call our Customer Support engineers to get access to these even when you knew exactly what you needed.  If this pilot goes well, we’ll expand to include more hotfixes. …


How’s VS2005 SP1 beta working for you?

Recently I’ve been asking people I work with how the VS2005 SP1 beta is going.  I’ve gotten various responses but the most insightful one was a suggestion to ask my customers which is precisely what I’m doing. I’m really interested in hearing from you on this topic.  Some of the things I’m curious about are: Have you installed it?…