Team Foundation releases Beta3 Refresh!

Following the great news yesterday about the VSTS and SQL 2005 releases, comes news of the Team Foundation Beta3 Refresh release.  This release provides full compatibility with the RTM versions of VS and SQL.  Along the way, we took the opportunity to improve setup and MSF for CMMI to improve the go live experience of our early adopters.  See my description here for more details.  This release also serves as the basis for localized versions of Team Foundation Beta3 which will begin shipping next month.  


The bits will be downloadable from MSDN later today.   The upgrade process for customers that have already deployed TFS Beta3 is straightforward:


If you have questions about VSTS, the best place to start is the Team Foundation forum.  There are plenty of TFS folks that hang out there to answer questions.  If you want to know about the differences between Beta2 and the latest drop, Brian’s blog has a great write up.  


Because of the compatibility with VSTS and SQL RTM and the stability we’ve achieved with TFS Beta3, this is the release many teams will really sink their teeth into.  I look forward to hearing your feedback and stories of success!




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