TFS Beta3 VPC availability

Several people responded to my last entry asking about the availability of VPC images of TFS Beta3.  I have confirmed with our team that we are indeed planning on releasing a single image with all of VSTS/TFS installed for download from the MSDN subscription download center.  Look for it early next week (they need a few days to get the system working just right after we signoff on the TFS Beta3 bits).


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  1. Günter says:


    Installing TFS B2 took me near to a week, so this is a tremendous improvement!

    But what about AD membership ? Isn’t TFS dependent on AD group membership ?

  2. Please try installing Beta3…I think you’ll find it’s much simpler and faster (even I did it!) Also, regarding Active Directory, we now support workgroup installations as well which means that AD is no longer a requirement.


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