Netflix in Windows Media Center – Double tiles

If you are seeing two Netflix tiles in Windows Media Center after installing the app, then try going to the tasks strip, selecting the settings tile, then selecting general, then automatic download options. On the page that comes up, select download now. After the download completes, you should see a dialog letting you know it…


Airline food in all its glory

I’m heading to Australia with Katherine for Christmas, and while looking for ways to make travel a little easier, I stumbled across this site: Photos and commentary. Awesome.


Why don’t I have the <blank> command/menu in Visual Studio 2005/2008?

VS 2005/2008 have a dialog that shows up on first launch (the first launch dialog if you will) that asks you to choose a collection of settings (which we refer to as a profile) that describe the way you typically use the IDE. Depending on which profile you choose, you will get a different profile…


Shiny new bits available

Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2 is available. Go wild., linked from  


Raymond on helper functions

Working on the Visual Studio Tool Platform team, we do a lot of work on making VS extensible and providing infrastructure for other teams to build on top of (some of our work is end user feature work as well, it’s an interesting mix of things). We have to balance the exposure of the APIs and tying…


Using VS (instead of WinDbg) to debug application startup

This is another one of those things that I forget all the time, so I’m posting here as a way of remembering (and because it’s incredibly useful if, like me, you find windbg somewhat opaque). It’s very convenient to be able to set this registry key and break into your application on startup, regardless…


Break on dll load in Visual Studio

Thanks to Kara Ottowell (I think I relearn this trick every two or three years, posting here so I have a chance to remember it): In VS add a breakpoint and specify the location as, for example {,,compluslm.dll}DllMain if you wanted to break when the compluslm.dll was loaded. For a specific function use the same syntax…


Creating Visual C++ wizards

Project types other than C++ use another wizard mechanism, but if you’re extending VC, you probably want to look at Cheers!


Are you having issues creating native projects?

If you’ve tried to create a smart device Win32 project on Windows Vista or after installing IE7, you might have seen a failure with a message in the status bar saying “project creation failed”. It’s a known issue, and has been fixed in SP1, but if you can’t install that, there’s a workaround: 1. Close VS 2. Start RegEdit.exe…


CLR addins blog is live

For those of you building applications with significant plugin architectures, this is definitely a blog to keep your eye on.