Visual Studio on Windows Vista

I just found this link in email, and thought it would prove handy to you lucky MSDN subscribers who already have Vista: Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time on the upcoming service pack and Vista patch, and I think that you’ll be happy with what we’ve fixed. [Fixed link, Live Writer abbreviated…


Does the convenience of your blogging tool make a difference?

Here’s hoping that it does. I’ve been a pretty lazy blogger recently, but I’ve got what I view as a pretty reasonable excuse: I’m getting married. Hopefully things settle down a bit before the wedding and I’m able to get some time to work on a series of posts I’ve been thinking about. Until then,…


ActiveSync 4.0 Developer Preview is now available

Apparently ActiveSync 4.0 Developer Preview is now available as a download: linked from This version of ActiveSync s required to develop against a phyiscal device (as opposed to the device emulator) with VS 2005 Beta 2. Thanks to James Pratt for passing this on.


Back in Redmond, MEDC is over

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who came out to talk to the VSD team at MEDC in Las Vegas. We had a great time, and hopefully we were able to answer all/most of your questions. Please continue to send follow up questions to all of us, we can’t promise to solve everyone’s…


Visual Studio hangs while saving files

If you are experiencing slowness with saving files in VS2005, it may be related to opening files/projects stored an network locations.  In any ASP.Net project, saving (or auto-recover) stalls Visual Studio for around 1 minute.  I’ve had to disable Auto-Recover to prevent being stalled for a minute in the middle of a thought, and fixing…


Are you having issues creating native projects?

If you’ve tried to create a smart device Win32 project on Windows Vista or after installing IE7, you might have seen a failure with a message in the status bar saying “project creation failed”. It’s a known issue, and has been fixed in SP1, but if you can’t install that, there’s a workaround: 1. Close VS 2. Start RegEdit.exe…


Developing for multiple platforms at the same time…

So, the next version of the IDE will support multiple platforms per project, including Win32 and WinCE platforms in the same project. You will be able to develop for Pocket PC, SmartPhone, and generic Windows CE devices at the same time. My co-worker Josh has a post up currently showing what the code looks like…


VS2005 SP1 is out the door!

Yes folks, it’s ready. Get it while it’s still hot from the oven.


My new Windows Media Center PC

I’m a huge nerd. This is the reason that I’m compelled to do things like replace my TiVo with a Windows Media Center PC. I recently donated my old computer to some friends who were relocated out of New Orleans, and decided to take the plunge into MC. The more cynical of you out there might…


Windows Live Local fun… Keep up with traffic outside building 41 on Microsoft campus. There are also new maps for the UK and Canada, which is very nice for this transplanted Vancouverite.