Are you having issues creating native projects?

If you've tried to create a smart device Win32 project on Windows Vista or after installing IE7, you might have seen a failure with a message in the status bar saying "project creation failed". It's a known issue, and has been fixed in SP1, but if you can't install that, there's a workaround:

1. Close VS

2. Start RegEdit.exe

3. Find the following registry entry:


4. Add a new entry and name it


5. Close RegEdit

6. Start VS

7. Try to create a Smart Device C++ project

Thanks to Gangadhar on the VC++ for Devices team for the writeup, and Chris for posing the question on the Device MVPs discussion list.

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  1. Daniel Quadros says:

    Thanks, this tip saved the day!

    Can you explain how this hocus-pocus works?

  2. JeffAbraham says:

    IIRC (this is all a little fuzzy now, not having worked on it for a long time) the change adds the control required for the wizard to run to the pre-approved controls list for IE, allowing it to be loaded for sites on the local host. Because the wizards are based on HTML, they actually host IE. Without this change, the control that enumerates available device platforms, etc. will fail to load, and the wizard will terminate. Cheers!

  3. Daniel Quadros says:

    Again, thank you!

  4. bengxia says:

    最近因工作需要开发智能设备项目,在打开一些VC 的sample时没有问题,但是自己着手创建项目时,出现以下问题:在选择设备类型时,选择任何一个VC 的智能项目,都会在状态栏显示

  5. cppguy says:

    最近要做一个windowsmobile的一个C 项目,打开VisualStudio2005准备创建一个VC 下的Win32智能设备项目,但是一直创建失败:向导出现并小闪了一下,然…

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