Visual Studio hangs while saving files

If you are experiencing slowness with saving files in VS2005, it may be related to opening files/projects stored an network locations. 

In any ASP.Net project, saving (or auto-recover) stalls Visual Studio for around 1 minute.  I’ve had to disable Auto-Recover to prevent being stalled for a minute in the middle of a thought, and fixing simple “ forgot a ; “ errors is incredibly tedious because the change must take a minute (though I did find that even though VS is frozen, I can load the page and the changes were made.)


This is not specific to the project, as I can open these sites on other systems and saving is fast and immediate.   I have already tried repairing VS2005, but to no effect.


Does anyone have any ideas on how I can fix this?  I’m frustrated enough to nuke the OS, but I have a feeling this will happen again, the problem has already spread to another system (possibly due to Roam Profiles).

The temporary workaround (I believe this is fixed in the upcoming service pack) is to use regedit to delete the network share locations from




If you are using the Express Editions of Visual Studio  (e.g. Visual Basic Express, Visual C# Express) and having this issue you can follow almost the same steps, but you will need to change the VisualStudio part of the registry path to e.g. VBExpress, or VCSExpress.


As always, these locations are implementation details, and subject to the delightfully playful whims of the owner of the code. Don't depend on for anything.


Hope this helps, cheers!


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  1. Tiago Simoes says:

    I’m also having this freeze problem.

    I’ve clean those registry entries and installed SP1 but it didn’t fix my problem.

    It appears to happen when I save XML, text or code (cs,vb) files. When I save html or aspx files it is alright. It happens for both old projects and new projects.

    Any help would be welcome as I am really stuck.



  2. Howard Nguyen says:

    This works for me. Thanks, Jeff.

  3. Chris Buckett says:

    I’m haveing issues (Vista+Vs-SP1+Vs-VistaSP1beta) which have just started occuring – When I click Save All, VS hangs.  It does appear to save the files, though, as after I force it to close and reopen it, the files are saved.

    This only seems to happen for solutions containing projects, though (http:// link).

    Any ideas?

  4. Julio Gonzalez says:

    XP SP2 + SP1, same problem here, with plain Winforms projects. Not related with network locations as I work locally.

  5. JeffAbraham says:

    That’s very odd, I seem to have received all the comment notifications at once. My apologies for the delayed response.

    Tiago: are you running on Vista, or XP?

    Chris: can you check out and find out the Watson bucket info? With that, I can try to track down the source of the hang.

    Julio: see my comment for Chris, can you see what the Watson bucket number is?

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