Are you tired of bloated device binaries?

Trent Swanson has a great post in the Smart Devices Native C++ MSDN forum on how to get your VS2005 compiled binaries down in size. Those of you who were at MEDC 2005 in Las Vegas last year might have seen Trent hanging out in the hands on labs, he's a smart guy who knows his way around the IDE and spends a lot of time with real world customers, helping to solve issues with the IDE. Cheers!

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  1. YuMen says:

    Hello, Jeff Abraham!

    Today i want to write some ARM ASM code in my DLL. beacuse i use VS2005, and it don’t support __asm,so i must use *.asm file to do it! i think it should be use armasm.exe to Assembly it to *.obj used by vs2005’s link tools!

    but the question is the *.asm file’s format! I can’t find any useful info anywhere! in MSDN, there be some "AREA/…", but i can’t find one simple example can work!

    I googled here, your blog! can you give me one simple *.asm example? thanks very much!

    just like: the C/CPP File and the ASM File!













    Thanks again!

  2. JeffAbraham says:

    I haven’t written any ARM assembly myself, but the closest thing that I’ve found is this link Hope this helps,


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