Yet another place to check for answers…

I'm not sure that everyone out there is aware of these, so here's a quick plug for the MSDN forums ( For those of you reading this on my VC++ for Devices oriented blog, I typically post to Smart Devices Native C++ Development ( There are RSS feeds for the forums (well hidden, look at the bottom of each forum's page for the little orange "XML" icon). You won't be able to reply through RSS, but you know that you really want to log in to check your post stats. The forums are likely to become the preferred means of support for many products, because they can be used by less technically savvy users as well (and I'm sure that we'll eventually provide better access means than web pages for replies). Cheers!

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  1. noiile says:

    I got a big problem about vs2005

    I have post it at

    but nobody reply, can you help me? thank you.

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