Back in Redmond, MEDC is over

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who came out to talk to the VSD team at MEDC in Las Vegas. We had a great time, and hopefully we were able to answer all/most of your questions. Please continue to send follow up questions to all of us, we can't promise to solve everyone's problems, but we're trying to get everyone a response. Thanks!

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  1. Riki says:

    good to meet you, and some of the rest of the team. Sorry i had to do a runner, I’m really keen to try those ideas we were bouncing around, now if only my various bosses will give me some time!

    If A Friend wanted to work in the WM/VSD teams how would They go about this?


  2. JeffAbraham says:

    Hi Riki,

    I’m tracking this down now, there was a particular recruiter handling this. Expect an email shortly.

  3. Riki says:

    cheers dude

  4. Riki says:

    jeff, i was in a chat today, and Ginny asked about startup time in VS, what were your tips again? disable the start page, anything else?


  5. JeffAbraham says:

    I think you can get VS to start up faster by turning off the start page and ensuring that the server explorer isn’t open on startup. Typically turning off options that you don’t use will get you better perf, as VS is designed to delay load as much as possible.

  6. Riki says:

    Cheers jeff, I managed to get in contact with a recruiter, and the said a few manangers were interested in me – yay, but i don’t have a visa, and it looks like i have to wait till October until i can apply for a H1-b. gutted.


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