Publisher 2010 Tech Beta – read more on the Publisher Team Blog

The Publisher Team Blog is now the place to go for the product team’s thoughts on Publisher, both released versions and public betas. I’ve just put up a post there on the Publisher 2010 Technical Beta that is now available to invited beta participants. (I believe beta invitation emails are going out today.) – Jeff


Microsoft PDF and XPS Add-ins and the 2007 Office Beta 2 Technical Refresh

It has been great to see the web buzz over the past few days over the availability on the Microsoft Download Center of the Microsoft Add-ins for Office 2007 for Save as PDF and Save as XPS. The better news comes today that you can now actually use these with the public release of the…


Viewing (and sharing) Publisher files

I seem to have become a top search engine result for queries for a Microsoft Publisher Viewer. The bad news is that there is no Microsoft Publisher Viewer. The good news is that we have a better solution to this problem coming with Publisher 2007. Every time we look at doing a Publisher Viewer, we…


Viewing XPS Documents

My last post on XPS generated some questions on expected reach and availability of XPS Viewers. Andy Simonds has just posted some more details in this area over in his blog. (His team is both delivering viewers and working with partners on additional ones.)


Save as XPS in Office “12”

Recently, I have had a number of questions on this and I am happy to confirm that Office “12” will support a native Save as XPS feature in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, Visio, OneNote and InfoPath. This, of course, raises a whole bunch of additional questions for me to answer: –          What’s XPS? –         …



What about Publisher? A few blogs have started wondering when we were going to speak up on our plans. That’s my job (among other hats I wear) and it’s time to start. We do have an exciting Publisher release in the pipeline as part of Office “12″. I am the lead program manager for Microsoft…