Exception Handling In WCF – Virtual Tech Days Presentation

I am making this post explicitly for the people who attended the my presentation on Exception Handling In WCF at Virtual Tech Days. Below are the url where you can download my presentation and Demo application. I will write another posting explaining the demo for the persons who didn’t attend my session. To give an…


Ping remote machines using .net

Check the article post at http://www.jebarson.info/1/post/2010/11/ping-remote-machines-using-net.html  


Azure Tutorial; Be in cloud (Part 2)

The second part for the azure tutorial is posted in http://www.jebarson.info/1/post/2010/11/azure-tutorial-be-in-cloud-part-2.html


Windows Live Essentials 2010 Review

My review on the latest Live 2010 Essentials beta. http://microsoftlovers.blogspot.com/2010/07/windows-live-essentials-2010-beta-one.html


Copy And Paste Excel / Clipboard Data To Gridview In ASP.net

Q Is there any means to copy the excel data to Gridview in ASP.net? It is obvious that you should use the native .net controls without borrowing any plugins /  custom controls from a third party. A If you are .net 2.0+, then there is defenitely an easy way to achieve things. All you need is…