Copy And Paste Excel / Clipboard Data To Gridview In

Q Is there any means to copy the excel data to Gridview in It is obvious that you should use the native .net controls without borrowing any plugins /  custom controls from a third party. A If you are .net 2.0+, then there is defenitely an easy way to achieve things. All you need is…


Whats new in Silverlight 5

Have an early look at the highlights and improvements on the features of the upcoming Silverlight showcased at Silverlight Firestarter here.  


Windows Live Essentials 2010 Review

My review on the latest Live 2010 Essentials beta.


Byte Array To BitmapImage Converter

 Below is the converter which I wrote which can help you convert the byte array of the file content to a Bitmap so that the Silverlight can bind it.   Read More Share Email Earn FacebookTwitterGoogle+Lockerz GrabDeliciousDiggGoogle BookmarksMySpaceStumbleUponRedditMessengerVodpodYahoo BookmarksBeboMister-WongWordPressGoogle ReaderOrkutXINGEvernoteNetvibes ShareStrandsPosterousBusiness ExchangeArtoTipdSmakNewsPlurkAIMYahoo MessengerIdenti.caMozillacaBlogger PostTypePad PostBox.netPinterestNetlogTechnorati FavoritesCiteULikeJumptagsHemidemiFunPInstapaperPhoneFavsXerpiNetvouzWinkDiigoBibSonomyBlogMarksTailrankStartAidKledyKhabbrMeneameYoolinkBookmarks.frTechnotizieNewsVineMultiplyFriendFeedPlaxo PulsePingSquidooProtopage BookmarksBlinklistFavesYiGGWebnewsSegnaloPushaYouMobSlashdotFarkAllvoicesJamespotImera MyStuffViadeoMapleWistsConnoteaBackflipMyLinkVaultSiteJotSphinnDZoneCare2 NewsHyvesSphereBitty BrowserGabbrSymbaloo FeedsTagzaFolkdNewsTrustAmazon Wish ListPrintFriendlyRead…


Writing an asynchronous RelayCommand implementing ICommand

Read the full article here If you are familiar with MVVM, then you are already familiar with relay commands. We use relay commands to map a method with the ICommand raised from a control. Below is the typical code snippet you may have seen a lot of time. The class below is pretty simple; it…


Unleashing Calendar Control

Calendar control is as important as a normal text box control in any application. Most of any application which needs data entry will definitely need a calendar control at some part. has a very good calendar control which we often ignore without exploring how far it can be programmed / customized. We will discuss…


Why Ternary Operator Doesnt Support Nullable Types

Nullable types and ternary operators are around for many years now and may be not everybody know that ternary operator doesn’t support assigning null values to nullable types. To understand the real reason for the design, I got in touch with Mads Torgersen, Alex Turner and Anson Horton; the lead technologists of the Visual Studio…

Radio Button List Box With Seperate Group Name in Silverlight

Over this article we are going to discuss on building a RadioButton ListBox using a Control Template and also how to have the flexibility of still specifying the group name for every list control. The solution is not to write a custom dependency property or set the group name from the code behind but instead…

Application Bar Button / Menu Item Not Firing Binding in Windows Phone

On a Windows Phone application and if you are using a two way binding along with Application Bar Button or Menu, you might be having a nightmare that the binding for the last focused control is not happening when you click the application bar button or menu. Lets see the cause and the solution for…