Expression Web and Windows Mobile 7 Emulator

Just finished V 0.5 (Beta) of the Expression Web Windows Mobile Phone emulator integration. Expression Web now has the ability to seamlessly preview created pages right on Mobile Internet Explorer within the emulator. With full interactivity you will be able to preview your web page and web site as it will appear on Windows Mobile 7 devices when they ship later this year. Read more about Windows Mobile 7 Phone here.To use:

1. Download the DEV Tools for WM7 here.

2. Download the Expression Web add-in here.

3. Install the add-in

4. Restart Expression Web

5. Create a new Web Site

6. Configure the Website to use the development server

a. On the Site menu, click Site Settings, and then click the Preview tab

b. Make sure Use Microsoft Expression Development Server is checked and select For all web pages.
c. Run at least one page from the site in SnapShot or just preview in IE.
7. Open the page and click the Preview WM7 label in the Standard Toolbar
You will see the Windows Phone 7 emulator startup and preview your Expression Web page on Internet Explorer mobile. The first time launch is a bit slow, however concurrent preview requests reuse the emulator and are much faster. You'll see full layout, interactivity (navigation, image fidelity, everything that Internet Explorer offers on the device) as well as get a feel for what your customers will encounter when they visit your site when using a Windows Phone 7 device - before they ship.
Enjoy this very early pre-release, will be working on an integration into SlapShot soon.
Special thanks and some cred to Soban 🙂

Comments (5)

  1. JD_MSFT says:

    RTM of the emulator broke my integration(bummer), I have a RTM version in beta though that corrects their bug. Contact me and I can set you up!

  2. Stan says:

    What's your estimate for release of RTM of your integration?

  3. JD_MSFT says:

    I have SlapShot on the gallery that has a workaround applied for the RTM emulator, as well as the integration implied!

  4. Stan says:

    Saw that, but your note said you have an "RTM version in beta," which sort of confused me :).

  5. Chab says:

    Hi, I cannot make it work.

    I use EW4, installed WM dev tool, set to use dev server but I can see only previews in IE and FF but not WM…

    Thanks for your help

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